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In December Patrick Brown Mayor of Brampton asked

In December Patrick Brown Mayor of Brampton asked

Is Ontario's misleading COVID hospital data

Brampton, Sault Ste Marie, Thunder Bay, Ontario  ~~~~~  January 12, 2022 (LSNews)  In a Toronto Sun story he said he is   looking to draw attention to this under-reported issue, which is only getting bigger. “I’ve been told it’s about 50% of cases,” Brown said in a phone interview with the Sun , referring specifically to Brampton hospitals.

This means the actual number of people in hospital with COVID-19 throughout Ontario may be half of what the official numbers indicate.

On January 11, 2022  the Ontario Governemtn data indicates that 46 per cent of people currently in Ontario hospitals with COVID-19 were admitted for reasons other than the virus.

The Ontario government released the data after indicating for some time that it would begin differentiating between those who were admitted for COVID-19-related illness and incidental admissions.

“We are updating Ontario’s public reporting to distinguish patients hospitalized due to #COVID19 from those admitted for other reasons with COVID-19,” Health Minister Christine Elliott tweeted Tuesday morning.

“It speaks to the fact that the hospitalization numbers are better than we think they are,” Brown said, echoing comments he made at a televised press conference Tuesday morning.

“If you’re looking at case counts higher than we’ve ever seen before but hospitalizations that haven’t really budged, that’s a really powerful insight into what we’re dealing with.”

Brown said in Brampton, the hospital and ICU numbers are actually slightly declining. “That’s a very encouraging trend,” Brown said. “You turn on the news and see doom and gloom, and that’s not what I’m seeing.”

Read the full story at FUREY: Brampton Mayor speaks out on misleading COVID hospital data | Toronto Sun

We all remember the case of the Alberta Boy who died of Cancer but was labeled as a COVID Death 

The Spitzer family in Ponoka believes Alberta was wrong for reporting Nati’s death as caused by COVID-19, and was upset by subsequent headlines.

“It’s not like he had all this time that was taken away from him,” Jonatan said.

In his last days, Simone said not even the pain stopped Nathanael from having a smile on his face and a quip on the tip of his tongue. She called him sunshine.

Today’s reported deaths include a 14yr old w/pre-existing medical conditions. I’d like to be clear that this tragic outcome is incredibly rare for children. Unfortunately it can occur, particularly when an individual is experiencing other complex health considerations. (6/11)

— Dr. Deena Hinshaw (@CMOH_Alberta) October 12, 2021

Dr Hinshaw rapolgy on Twitter has been removed

Hinshaw started her Thursday remarks with an apology to Spitzer's family.

"The pain of losing a child is terrible enough without having that loss compounded by a public debate about the circumstances. I'm sorry if the way that I spoke about that death made your grief worse," she said.

Hinshaw went on to explain Alberta Health's death review process, or how it determines whether COVID-19 was a primary or secondary cause.

In its COVID-19 reporting, Alberta Health classifies all related deaths as those in which COVID-19 was a direct or contributing factor.

COVID-19 is ruled a primary cause when it directly led to death, Hinshaw explained, whereas it being labelled as a secondary cause means the disease worsened a severe pre-existing condition that results in death. The province considers cancer -- among diabetes, dementia, chronic kidney disease and others -- as pre-existing health conditions.

However, a review of Spitzer's death after Tuesday's announcement found COVID-19 did not play a primary or secondary role in his death, Hinshaw said.

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